PGP Online Ticketing FAQs

This page explains some of the common problems and/or questions you may encounter when using this service to order tickets:

Q: Why is the cost of the tickets higher than shown on an artist's website? 

A: The prices shown are the base cost of the ticket. Each venue also charges a facility charge/restoration fee which is automatically added to each ticket ordered no matter where you purchase your tickets (either the box office, us or any other source). For example at the Regent Theatre this charge is $3.00 per ticket.

Q: What are the other additional charges with my order and why are they called "Shipping & Handling" in PayPal?

A: In a nutshell these charges typically cover the costs of running our box office operations. As for the "Shipping & Handling" label, we admit it's a bit confusing, but unfortunately PayPal doesn't let us change the wording of that line item.

Q: When I try to order, I get a message that says there is a problem with "the recipient".

A: While this might imply that the problem is on our end, it usually means that you have some cookies in your browser that are preventing PayPal from working correctly. Go to Tools\Internet Options in your browser and "Delete Cookies". This should solve the problem.

Q: I try to pay with a credit card without logging in to PayPal and get a message that says the credit card is associated with a PayPal account.

A: If you have an existing PayPal account and want to use this credit card to pay, then you must login to PayPal.

Q: Even after logging in to PayPal, I get a message that says the credit card is invalid.

A: Go into your account preferences and see if the expiration date on your card is correct. If you've received a replacement card recently, then PayPal won't accept the credit card until the expiration date is changed on your PayPal account.